Molybdenum Oxide

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Molybdenum oxide is yellow or blue powder, used as laboratory reagents, industrial roast, steel smelting additive and used to make molybdenum powder for metal and alloy.

Basic Information

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Chemical Content

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Molybdenum Oxide Category

High dissolved molybdenum oxide, industrial molybdenum oxide, molybdenum oxide briquettes, α-molybdenum trioxide, pure chemical molybdenum oxide, nano molybdenum oxide, and molybdenum dioxide

High dissolved molybdenum oxide is developed in 2001 in Canada. More...

Industrial molybdenum oxide is manufactured from roasting molybdenum concentrate. More...

Molybdenum oxide briquette is used as additive for all kinds of steel smelting. More...

α-molybdenum trioxide is a kind of smoke suppressant and flame retardant. More...

Pure chemical molybdenum oxide is extracted from high pressure oxidizing solvent. More...

Nano molybdenum trioxide can be produced by the method of sublimation-flash cooling.More…

Molybdenum dioxide is a kind of brown violet crystal. More…

Manufacture Process

Pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy

Pyrometallurgy is roasting molybdenum ore. More…

Hydrometallurgy is to steep molybdenum roasted ore.More…

Price and Market

Molybdenum oxide price and market information are updated daily in Molybdenum Price

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Material safety data sheet of molybdenum can be downloaded.

3TG Conflict Minerals Free Statement

Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

Chinese National Standard

Standard of molybdenum oxide briquette is applicable to product used as additive in steel smelting and casting. Molybdenum Oxide Briquette Standard: YBT 5129-1993


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