Tungsten Powder

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Tungsten powder is grey metal powder with regular grain size of 2~10um. The production method is hydrogen reduction. It is widely used to produce tungsten metal, alloys and tungsten carbide powder.

Grain Size

The grain size of W powder is analyzed by method of F.S.S.S.(Fisher Sub-sieve Size).

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Production Method

Reduction. Tungsten powder can be produced by reduction from tungsten trioxide, tungsten dioxide, etc.

Chinese National Standard

Ultra Fine Tungsten Powder GB/T 26726-2011

Tungsten Powder GB/T 3458-2006

Technical Requirements of Tungsten Powders GB/T 3458-1982

3TG Conflict Minerals Free Statement

Conflict Minerals Policy Statement

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) can be reached and downloaded


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