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Reduction is a production method to manufacture tungsten powder, which is used ammonium paratungstate as raw material, and reduced by Hydrogen.

Production Method 1

Reducing tungsten dioxide to tungsten trioxide under 500~700℃and to tungsten powder under 700~900℃.

Production Method 2

Heating tungsten trioxide under 550~800℃ and reducing tungsten trioxide to tungsten powder under 650~850℃.

Production Method 3

Reducing ammonium paratungstate to blue tungsten oxide underH2 and then to tungsten powder.

Aspects of Influencing Tungsten Powder Grain Size during Reduction

During reduction, the main aspects which can influence the grain size of tungsten powder are temperature, tungsten oxide volume in each sinter boat, sinter boat moving speed, hydrogen speed and water content in H2.