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NiH battery is eco-friendly and improved from Ni-Cd battery, which is used Ni instead of Cd to absorb H to achieve the result of environmental protection and lager electric capacity (2900mAh).


Compared with NiCd battery, more eco-friendly and larger electric capacity.
Compared with Li battery, higher self-discharge reaction.
Compared with carbon and alkali battery, larger output electric.

Chemical Principle

During charging, H+ in KOH electrolyte is released absorb by chemicals to avoid H2, so that the inner pressure and volume can be remained. When the battery is discharged, the H+ will be back as where it is by the contrast route of charging.


Voltage = 1.2V
Power/weight = 30-80 Wh/kg, namely 108-880kJ/kg
Power/Volume = 140-300 Wh/L, namely 504-1188kJ/kg
Self-discharged rate = 30%/month,Low self-discharged is 15-30%/year
Charge and discharge recycle number = 500 -1000
The NiH battery is 30% larger in electric volume, lighter, longer life time and more eco-friendly than NiCd battery. However, it is much more expensive than NiCd battery and worse property than Li battery.

Chemical Content

The metals in NiH battery is mostly intermetallic compound, which can be divided into two categories. One is AB5, A refers to rare earth compound with Ti, and B refers to Ni, Co, Mn and Al. The other one is AB2, A is Ti or V, and B is Zr, or Ni, with Cr, Co, Fe, and Mn. The uses of these compound are the same, which are used to make metal hydride.

Electrochemistry Principle

KOH electrolytes (Electrolyte 7moL/LKOH+15g/LLiOH)


Positive Reaction: Ni(OH)2 + OH- → NiOOH + H2O + e-
Negative Reaction: M + H2O + e- → MH + OH-
Total Reaction: M + Ni(OH)2 → MH + NiOOH


Positive: NiOOH + H2O + e- → Ni(OH)2 + OH-
Negative: MH + OH- → M + H2O + e-
Total Reaction: MH + NiOOH → M + Ni(OH)2
Above, M refers to hydrogen storage alloy, MH refers to hydrogen storage alloy absorbed H, and the most widely used alloy is LaNi5.

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